The Evolved Nurturing Initiative

ENI is a nonprofit, educational initiative and science council providing grounded insights into current research without cultural bias or special interest group influence.  ENI provides unadulterated, evidence-based best practices for parenting choices that promote optimal child development and wellbeing.

ENI is an initiative of the American 501C3 nonprofit, Kindred World.  Your are welcome to support ENI's important work with your tax-deductible donationshere.

Awareness of and skills for connecting to others provides for a society characterized by creative daily living where solutions for social problems emerge from collaborative processes. Instead of a zero-sum orientation, collaborative social creativity results in enough for everyone in present and future generations. Evolved parenting practices develop these skills. Innovation is so hotly pursued now in education, but ethical innovation will not only prove crucial to solve the world's problems, but it will be sustainable.

Discover the developmental science of Ethical Innovation.

Evolved Nurturing Results In

Evolved parenting nurtures joyful living. Children are bathed in love which develops a sense of trust that fosters a society that feels connected, lives compassionately, and supports sustainable success. Developing our children's capacities to the fullest, with autonomy guided by empathy, will produce more success. This success will grow from the individual level and up through the community around the globe.

Discover the developmental science of wise success.

Empathy—the ability to sense and appreciate the emotional state of others is an endangered resource. Yet it is perhaps the most essential human capacity necessary for our society to flourish. "Sympathetic habits of action" are critical for societal glue. Research has identified specific parenting practices positively correlated with the development of empathy and the development of sympathetic action habits. 

Discover the developmental science of Empathic Compassion.

Evolved Nurturing For An Evolved Society

What is the Evolved Nurturing Initiative?

With help from the ENI Science Council,  consisting of top scientists, academic scholars, and medical professionals with expertise in epigenetics, evolution, human development and wellbeing, ENI reports on research related to the five developmental baselines humans have evolved to need. These five practices represent Evolved Nurturing: "Companionship Care", Nurturing Touch, Care in Community, Free Play, and Protection From Toxicity. Learn more about the science behind these critical elements of optimal child development and human potential:Developmental Baselines

Welcome To The Evolved Nurturing Initiative

The Evolved Nurturing Initiative ™ (ENI) generates best-practice advice for child-raising using a scientific think tank.  ENI's mission is to filter out cultural, industrial, and political influences that distort scientific research and provide unbiased reporting on child raising that meets the critical, innate developmental needs of babies and young children. ENI is geared to help parents and policy makers understand and overcome the censorship and misinterpretation surrounding what children need. ENI promotes the re-evolutionary discovery of evolved child-raising practices supported by interdisciplinary research. We are not pro or anti any specific aspect of child care, rather, we are pro- untaited science.

When we analyze the pure science, the explosion of research supporting the special developmental protections supplied by intimate and responsive physiological care practices come to light. We aim to make this evidence more accessible to media and parents.

We also report with and eye toward a paradigm that better aligns with our goals as a society. Converging evidence from across scientific disciplines confirms what our ancestors knew intuitively and passed on from experience: Particular care-giving strategies evolved to optimize social, emotional, and intellectual development. These result in healthier and more cooperative and compassionate children, then adults, and ultimately, society.  We comb the research to illuminate what cultivates humanity’s potential, and therefore translates to the innovation and success we want for children. Focusing on what society agrees on, ENI spotlights the most effective way these goals are seeded in early parenting. 

What is Evolved Nurturing?